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About KickBoxing

Did spilling out all of your aggression on any cushion satisfied you? Have you ever punch on a pillow instead of someone’s face? Yeah! Kickboxing gives you a prospect to keep yourself healthy and maintain your stress level exactly like a stress ball.

What is kickboxing?

It’s a form of martial arts-driven from karate and also borrows some moves from other types of martial arts including full contact karate, Muay Thai, and boxing.

Kickboxing, as it seems using kicks frequently is the priority, must use hands and feet at the point of contact. Punches and kicks are preferable rather than using the elbow and knees. It’s a professional sport which is similar to MMA or we can say boxing.

History of kickboxing

Kickboxing is an advanced version of Thai martial art, Muay Thai. Siamese soldiers of Thailand practiced Muay Boran during the 13th and 14th centuries. It had become the most famous practice for self-defense, physical fitness. It had rules like a sports game, also some safety accessories such as gloves, after 1920 this style was known as Muay Thai. After some years its originated in japan, a Japanese boxing expert Osamu Noguchi develop Muay Thai. Osamu Noguchi was a spectacular teacher who always wanted to develop a technique that had the foundation of karate but it allowed thump and smack. He merged the techniques of boxing and karate which is nowadays we know as kickboxing. In short, it’s a developed version of karate and boxing.

First kickboxing organization

The first kickboxing organization was formed in Japan, and now its movements are practicing by a large number of people all over the world.

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Development of kickboxing 

When kickboxing started as a sports game in the United States, 1970, a fighter had to learn all the techniques and go through a trial process. Some errors highlighted when a fighter comes from the background of karate and boxing. They were not fitted as a kickboxer as they dreamed off and believed. They faced difficulty staying in the ring to fight almost 10 rounds; their moves were not efficient, crisp, and sharp as they needed. The reason for this error was the traditional martial arts schools taught as students don’t need gloves or it was extremely rare using gloves while punching and kicking.

It was a moment where they need to improve this sport game and afterward, it becomes a fighting, training, and professional western boxing technique. They took full contact with their body including the head. When practitioners become experienced their body and mind strengthened and it became difficult for any fighter to stay in the ring against them.

The modern version of kickboxing become famous at the international level and reached an international sport circuit and started spreading all over the world.

Kickboxing benefits

  • Cardiovascular benefits
  • Strength benefits
  • Reduce stress
  • Boost confidence levels
  • Improved coordination
  • Burn calories
  • Ideal workout
  • Energy booster
  • Better posture

Cardiovascular benefits

Imagine yourself doing cardiovascular excise such as running, after running on and on and on you will be tired, face a shortage of breath, and your whole body sweat like a wet towel. While doing cardiovascular exercise our body needs some extra oxygen and sugar to maintain our energy level, our breath becomes deeper and heart beat faster, it is not like you are in love….. Kickboxing helps us to improve our cardiovascular health. According to a study, it is confirmed that kickboxing improves our cardiovascular health, practitioners’ VO2 increases after kickboxing which means their body becomes more efficient at getting oxygen and using it.

Strength benefits 

Kickboxing can increase your muscle strength, cause while kickboxing you are not only using your back, chest strength to turn your body into a strong kick and punch but also your arms are lifted up at that time. It’s a magic that kickboxing boosts your strength gains.

Reduce stress

Your kicks and punches set you to a stress-free zone within minutes of your kickboxing routine. Movements of core muscles will give your body fast workout in results, your stress level decreases.

Boost confidence levels

Kickboxing helps you to release endorphins which will felt like you become more confident than before. Endorphins also make you feel better, healthier, and happy at the same time, keep you positive after the workouts.

Improved coordination

If you’re facing bad posture and poor coordination you can improve your reflexes and coordination skills through kickboxing. Core strengthening will help you in this, speedy punches will provide you a chance to execute your every movement gracefully and successfully.

Burn calories

Kickboxing can burn over 800 calories/ hour, it’s a high cardio routine that is great for the body to maintain its shape but fast.

Ideal workouts

If you are tired up running on a treadmill and need a break from your regular cardiovascular routine, kickboxing is an ideal workout for you. Wrist weights and ankle weights or a pair of lightweight gloves will help you for maximum resistance. Two routines in a week can give you breakout for a fitness rut but fast.

Energy boost 

Kickboxing is a great exercise and high energy cardio routine that will definitely give your body a boost. It will boost your energy level, one workout in one week will be enough for this. Kickboxing results in a good boost to your energy level.

Better posture 

If you are using a computer frequently or it’s part of your daily routine then kickboxing will help you to improve your posture. Kickboxing workouts will challenge your body muscles that are not getting enough attention throughout the day. The core muscle is highly has a chance to targeted while workouts. workouts are a great choice for a good posture body. Kickboxing helps you to get a perfect and fit body.

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